MADDY'S SINGLE 'SIXGUN MEMORY' debuts on National Airplay Top 50 Country Chart!

Maddy was inspired by a Global News broadcast about a 96 year old man who entered a song he’d written into a contest.  A recording company received the entry and were so touched they decided to record it.  Right then and there, Maddy decided to contact an independent recording company and as a result, at age 77, signed a recording contract.

Just one year later, Maddy’s single ‘Sixgun Memory’, sung by Karen B. Martin with Maddy singing harmony, debuted on the National Airplay Top 50 Country Chart and is now featured and available for download on UNIR1 Radio.  Sixgun Memory is the true story of how her brother, at age 10, found a gun buried in the Saskatchewan prairie and brought it home to show Maddy.  Together they imagined all the secrets this gun could hold.  Maddy kept the gun and many years later wrote this song about it.

Maddy’s first album ‘A Babe of Her Own’ was intended as a demo album to promote to recording artists interested in original material.  Inspired by Maddy watching her young grandaughter picking flowers in a field, a studio remix of the single ‘A Babe of Her Own’ is Maddy’s second worldwide distribution campaign and is now available for download on UNIR1 Radio.

Also check out a few of Maddy’s other song clips below and hear Indie MAD MP3 Radio Network Black Hat Ron’s ‘On The Record’ 40 minute interview with Maddy, featuring 5 of her first recorded songs.  Working with a professional studio and promotional team, Maddy has come a long way since those first ‘demo’ songs and still maintains “This is not for recognition, nor is it for fame and fortune – this is the realization of my dream to someday have my music recorded.  I went into a studio, had some fun, and came out with an album.”