About Maddy

MADDY'S SINGLE 'SIXGUN MEMORY' debuts on National Airplay Top 50 Country Chart!

Maddy’s single ‘Sixgun Memory’, sung by Karen B. Martin with Maddy singing harmony, debuted on the National Airplay Top 50 Country Chart!  Click on the Music tab to preview Sixgun Memory, now featured and available for download on UNIR1 Radio.

Now just released!  ‘A Babe of Her Own (Remixed)’, sung by Maddy herself, is just beginning an 8 week National Airplay campaign on UNIR1 Radio and is expected to hit the charts on both the Top 50 Country and Adult Contemporary charts  Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted!

BIO:  Songwriter Madeleine (Maddy) Engh lives a country life on her small farm near Mission BC.  The youngest of a large south Saskatchewan farming family (Belanger), Maddy wrote her first song at age 10 and has since composed over 300 ballads ranging from traditional country/bluegrass to inspirational.  Well-known locally as the ‘Christmas Tree Lady’, Maddy’s life is reminiscent of her childhood, surrounded by farm animals and living off the land.

With such legendary musical influences as Hank Snow, Johnny and June Carter Cash, Loretta Lynn, Wilf Carter to name only a few, Maddy’s songs are inspired by or tell stories of true life experiences and resonate what it really means to ‘be country’.  It’s been said that Maddy’s compositions are so diverse that no two songs are alike.

Maddy was inspired by a Global News broadcast about a 96 year old man who entered a song he’d written into a contest.  A recording company received the entry and were so touched they decided to record it.  Right then and there, Maddy decided to contact an independent recording company and as a result, at age 77, signed a recording contract.  As quoted by Maddy “This is not for recognition, nor is it for fame and fortune – this is the realization of my dream to someday have my music recorded.  I went into a studio, had some fun, and came out with an album.”

Maddy’s first album ‘A Babe of Her Own’ was originally intended as a demo album to promote to recording artists interested in original material.  While still intended for this purpose, there was strong interest in presenting the music as sung by Maddy, as an inspiration to other aspiring composers and musicians, regardless of age or music genre.  Maddy continues to work with both studio and singing professionals on her latest songs, and in the process has developed her own singing skills and has come out with several new recordings of her original songs.

Maddy has performed her music at countless local events, taking 2nd place in the Chartwell Senior Star Competition and 3rd place in a local Golden Idol Contest for her composition and performance.  It has become a tradition of family and friends to anticipate another of Maddy’s original compositions at their next event.  Self-described as a ‘front porch plunker’, Maddy has never received payment for a performance or composition – she does it for the pure pleasure of sharing the gift of music with those she loves.

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